Salzburg is known especially as a town, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. It is a town in Austria.

Salzburg means “salt castle”. It was named after salt mines which we can find its area. History of Salzburg started in the year 15 B.C.The Roman Empire merged the settlements into one city. At this time, the city was called "Juvavum" and was awarded the status of a Roman municipium in 45 AD. In 739 was founded in Salzburg bishopric, the city became the seat of the bishop. In 774, the first Salzburg Cathedral was built.

Salzburg is joined mainly with the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was born in 1756 in Salzburg and was from the year 1769 to 1781 in the service of the Prince Archbishop. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most famous composers in the World. His “A Little Night Music” is a unique music arts.

Salzburg is quite small town with a very nice art soul. You can feel music and 18th century everywhere.

Salzburg is known by its famous type of praline, named “Mozart Balls”. It was originally created by the Salzburg confectioner Paul Fürstem in 1890. The praline is a ball of pistachio marzipan, coated in a chocolate. The praline has been and still remains a handle made product, protected by a trademark. In honor of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the pralines was named after him.

You could stroll the streets of the Old Town Salzburg, visit the Old Residence of the Prince Archbishops, contemplate in Salzburg Dom (Cathedral), enjoy the Fortress Hohen Salzburg or in your mind hear the Sound of Music in Mirabell Palace Gardens.

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