Crystal manufacturing is so typical for Czech Republic. Its beginnings go back to the 13th century. You will visit a crystal factory not so far from Prague and observe the process of crystal production. You can also buy there nice crystal products for your relatives or friends.

Rückl family came to Bohemia at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, most probably from what is nowadays Switzerland. They produced glassworks in several Czech towns. The most modern glassworks factory was built in Nižbor, near Beroun on Berounka River, in 1903. The last reconstruction took place in 2012.

You will follow the process of crystal manufacturing from the beginning to the end. You will witness a chemical miracle when sand potassium and other chemical elements and ingredients are transformed into crystal. First everything is melted together and then hot and liquid crystal is hand blown in all possible shapes. A true wonder! A fragile piece of art made right before your eyes.

You can buy some at the factory gift shop.

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