The trip is based two Lobkowicz family castles near Prague. Nelahozeves is a very nice little town, where the composer Antonin Dvorak was born. Melnik is a small castle and town right on the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Moldau.

History of Lobkowicz family started in 14th century. The name of the family is based on the village “Lobkovice u Melnika”. This village was donated by the king Wenceslas IV to the Poor Nicholas of Ujezd (Mikuláš Chudý z Újezda), the founder of the family. After this, Nicholas became Nicholas from Lobkovice. Since that time, Lobkowicz family brought to Bohemia several generations of the noble people.

Lobkowicz family has two main branches and owns several castles and chateaus. Today head of the family is represented by Jaroslav Lobkowicz, living at the Prague Castle. Lobkowicz family is known by its wine and beer production.

Nelahozeves Castle is a renaissance castle built in 16th century. According to the plan of the royal architect Boniface Wohlmut, the castle was designed in the style of Italian Castell. It is known for its Art and Architecture Lobkowicz collections. Part of the collections could be also seen seen at Prague Castle in Lobkowicz Palace. Right next to the castle you can find the birthplace of a famous Czech classical music composer Antonin Dvorak. Nelahozeves Castle is owned by Lobkowicz family since 1623.

Melnik Castle is located in a little town from 9th century. It is built right on the magical confluence of the rivers Elbe and Vltava. The castle was originally constructed from wood and in 10th century it was rebuilt in stone. Melnik Castle used to be given to the queens and princesses as a dowry. It is known for its wine. Melnik Castle is has been owned by Lobkowicz family since 1753.

You will visit both of these ancient places, owned by Lobkowicz noble family.

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