Dresden, called Florence on the Elbe, is an ancient town in Germany. It is connected with magnificent architectural buildings, Augustus the Strong and WWII. Meissen is known for its famous porcelain. This trip shall give you an art and historical experience in Germany.

Dresden was originally inhabited by Slavs, who were later germanised. The first mention about Dresden is known from 1206. After the year 1485, the town became the residence of the dukes of Saxony. The most known buildings were built in 17th and 18th century in days of Augustus the Strong, in baroque and classical style.

Dresden is also known for the Battle of Dresden in 1813, which was one of the last battles that Napoleon won. During WWII, in February 1945, the city center was completely destroyed by massive bombing. Nevertheless the historical center of Dresden had to wait for its final renovation till Germany got reunified and then several sites were fully rebuilt brick by a brick.

You will ride and walk over the historical center. You will pass through the courtyards of the Zwinger. You will stroll by the Semper Opera House, Hofkirche and Residenzschloss. You will walk on Bruhl's Terrace passing by other museums of Dresden - the Albertinum, the Grunes Gewolbe (the treasury, where the gold and diamonds of Saxon Kings still are) and the Gallery of New Masters.

Meissen is German town, known especially for its Meissen Porcelain Factory. Meissen porcelain is the first European hard-paste porcelain. The word “hard” is important, because of it was known till that time only from China. The Meissen Porcelain was developed in 1708 by Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, with collaboration of an alchemist Johann Friedrich Bottger.

The Meissen porcelain factory includes the famous blue “Onion Pattern” used on cookware, which was created in 1739 by J.G. Höroldt. This cookware is so famous, that it is copied by over 40 European manufacturers. The original Meissen Porcelain you can recognize by its trademark, used since 1720, composed from 2 crossed swords.

Meissen Porcelain belongs into the most expensive in the world and it is still made by hand.

You will visit the Meissen Porcelain Factory and see the art porcelain workers doing their job step by step. You can buy some of pieces in the factory shop. You will see and admire the beauty of famous originally “Onion pattern”.

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