Cesky Krumlov is an ancient art town and castle in Italian style. Hluboka Chateau is a very romantic chateau with green gardens, modeled as the Windsor Castle. Both of them are 2,5 hours driving from Prague, southern direction. This is why it is a very good stopover on the way to/from a River Cruise on Danube or on the way to/from Vienna or Salzburg.

History of Cesky Krumlov started a very long time ago. The most important owners, Lords of Rosenberg, made there their seat in 1240 and lived there from 1302 to 1602. Cesky Krumlov was known as the city of Italian artists and alchemists in their time. Cesky Krumlov changed owners several times, for example the emperor Rudolf II (owner since 1601) and the Schwarzenberg family (owners since 1719).

Architecture of Cesky Krumlov is impressive. William Rosenberg rebuilt the castle into a renaissance building in late 16th century. Schwarzenberg family added many splendid baroque features.

You will love love Cesky Krumlov because its unique atmosphere surrounded by unspoiled countryside. You will visit the museum, you will shortly walk through narrow cobblestone streets, between patrician houses. You can find there cosy coffee and home made art products shops, historical buildings and very unique Italian soul of this beautiful town.

History of Hluboka Castle started in 13th century. It was originally founded as a guarding castle by the Czech Kings. Since that time 26 noble families owned it. The first owner from Schwarzenberg family, Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg, bought the castle in 1661. The Schwarzenbergs lived in Hluboka Chateau until the end of 1939, when the last owner Dr. Adolf emigrated because of the Nazis to overseas. The Schwarzenbergs lost the property of Hluboka in 1947 by special law, Lex Schwarzenberg.

Architecture of Hluboka Castle was originally gothic. In late 16th century, it was rebuilt into a renaissance chateau. In early 18th century, Schwarzenbergs rebuilt the chateau into baroque style. In the years 1840-1871, Hluboka was rebuilt into the chateau in neo-gothic romantic style, sometimes also called “Tudor-style”, including the arrangement of the park and the surrounding countryside.

Hluboka Chateau owes its current appearance to Prince Johann Adolf II Schwarzenberg and his spouse Princess Eleonore, née Princess of Liechtenstein. Johann Adolf II, as a representative of an important and wealthy family, attended the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838. He was inspired by the design of Windsor Castle. The reconstruction was provided by viennese architect Franz Beer, and after his death by Damasius Dworetzky.

You will visit this awesome place. It is popular especially for women. A romantic look of the chateau and its gardens gives you an experience of beauty and art. You can enter into the private rooms of the last owners, the Prince Adolf and his wife Hilda.

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