Most Popular is 4 Days in Prague and Czech for you and your friends

small individuals 1-6 people by our luxury private car or our minivan

What is in this offer?

You will visit Prague, the queen of history in the heart of Europe. You will see beautiful building and palaces, dive in the troubled past of WWII admiring its heroes, taste Czech beer or vine. You will be guided by a specialist who has a history degree and has been a history buff for years. You will experience 4 unforgettable days in the heart of Europe.

Day 1 - Prague General Tour

In the morning we will drive you trough Prague in a private car or a minivan. We will stop at the most important sights and step into the private halls of the Strahov library from 17th and 18th century. We will show you great panorama views of the city and we have a surprise prepared for you.

In the afternoon we will walk trough the city center where you will admire Old Town Square, Tyn Church and the famous Charles Bridge. Of course we will not forget to show you the Astronomical Clock, the most sophisticated clock from the very beginning of 15th century.

Day 2 - Castle day


In the morning hours we will take you for the whole day trip to discover Czech castles and chateaux. You will enjoy Cesky Krumlov town and castle, Hluboka Castle and Ceske Budejovice. Cesky Krumlov is an achingly beautiful town listed as UNESCO heritage sight, it would blow you mind away.

Lower-priced option:

In the morning we will take to the former family seat of the famous Archduke Ferdinand d'Este, Konopiste Castle. The assassination of the Archduke and his wife in Sarajevo pulled the trigger of WWI. It will be a unique opportunity to look behind the curtain of the European history.

Day 3 - Beer or wine day


In the morning we will take you to the source of Czech Beer industry, to Pilsen. You will experience how the beer is brewed. Of course you can enjoy Czech liquid bread as much as you want, because we are driving.

Lower-priced option:

In the morning we will take to the 21st century vinery JohannW, just over an hour drive from Prague. You will observe almost an alchemy process how grapes are turned into vine.

Day 4 - WWII day

In the morning we will start our journey following the traces of WWII. We will drive trough the curve where the assassination of cruel and cold SS General R. Heydrich took place. Where the brave Czech and Slovak paratroopers where hidden. We will visit Theresienstadt and Lidice village. We will tell you the story of our ancestors. Story of the people who fought for our freedom and enabled us better life.

Make your dreams about visiting Europe come true.

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